June 22, 2024


Welcome to Berea Temple this Sabbath In-Person, Zoom, and YouTube for another church service that will bring an impact on this Blessed Sabbath Day. God has blessed us to see the end of another week and today our minds should be giving God the Praise. As the Holy Spirit fills each one of us with God’s presence, let each of us stay faithful to our Savior.


Our Theme for 2024 is: Engaging For Impact”. The preaching topic for JUNE is - “End Time Messages - “Righteousness By Faith”. As we work towards Evangelism, let each one of us work to get some souls in the church for Evangelism.

WEARING MASKS are OPTIONAL at Berea Temple Church. No more Registration at this time. Temperature check may still be required. The air purifiers will continue to be on. If there is a spike in COVID, then we will go back to what we are doing now. Thanks to all for your commitment and faithfulness. If you have any concerns, please let the Pastor know.


PARKING: Please do not Double Park, Park in Neighborhood Handicap Marked Parking Spaces, or Park in front of a Neighbor’s Garage.

  • Berea Temple Digital QR CODE for Sabbath Services, Announcements, and Other Information. Please SCAN the QR CODE with your Cellphone Camera.
  • Tithes and Offerings, many of us are faithful in Tithes, but our Offering is lacking. Please continue to put our church funds in Combined Budget, where the needs of our church repairs, and Local Obligations are supported by each one of us. We asked that we work toward 5% or half of what we give in Tithes be in Combined Budget. Example: If Tithes is $1000.00, at least for Combined Budget is $500.00, which totals to $1500.00. Any other ministry is Extra Giving, not taking away from our Combined Budget.
  • The Church Board voted that we support the Church Building Fund Offering with extra giving. Do Not Take Away from Tithes and Offering. We are working towards replacing 6 Air Conditioner Units-that cost over $67,000 and getting a Church Sign that cost $23,000. We will do the Air Conditioners first, then later purchase the Church Sign. You can name where you want your funds to go by marking your envelope Air Conditioners or Church Sign. Thanks for supporting these two projects.
  • Prayer Meeting is every Wednesday at 7:00pm on Berea Temple Zoom.
  • The Music Ministry Committee – 1st Sabbath of every month.
  • Community Service Meeting is the 1st Sunday of every month on their Zoom at 9:00am.
  • Community Services are collecting cans of String Beans in preparation for Thanksgiving Harvest Giveaway. Please place them in the TOTE located in the lobby of the church.
  • Men Ministries Meeting is every month on the 1st and 4th Sundays at 10:00am. Zoom ID:371 409 2265.
  • Women’s Ministries is the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm:

Zoom ID: 981 407 3781/Password: 999131

  • Youth Day is the second Sabbath of every month.
  • Elders Meeting is Second Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm.
  • Treasury/Finance Meeting is the Second Thursday of every month at 6:00pm.
  • Church Board Meeting is the 3rd Sunday of every month at 10:00am.
  • Berea Temple Community Outreach - 3rd Sabbath every month.-Wear Your Berea Temple T-Shirts.
  • Berea Temple Children’s Church-3rd Sabbath of each month at 11:30am in person.
  • CONNECT: Friday Night Live-Text (443)-201-1391 or Follow Connect Baltimore on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more Details.
  • The Great Controversy Bible Study-Dinner & Study The Word-Every 3rd Sabbath from 3:00pm- 5:00pm in the Berea Temple Fellowship Hall. Zoom ID: 818 3862 6133/Password: 003509
  • Fifty Plus Meeting, 1st Sunday of every month at 11:00am-Zoom ID: 961 611 4701/Passcode: Berea1901. PLEASE NOTE UPDATED ZOOM LINK.
  • Fifty Plus Assn Friday Night Vespers-Every Friday at 7:00pm-Call: 612-421-0952/Passcode: 342417
  • Fifty Plus Sight & Sound Bus Trip: DANIEL-August 20, 2024/Continental Breakfast/Lunch at Shady Maples-Cost: $160.00-REMINDER: 1st Payment Due June 1-$54.00(Non Refundable)/2nd Payment Due July 1-$54.00/Final Payment Due August 1-$52.00. Send Payments via CashApp($Berea Temple-Mark it 50 Plus Daniel Trip and name of person going on Memo Line of CashApp, or Put in Tithe Envelope and Mark it 50 Plus Daniel Trip and name of person going. Bus will leave Berea Temple at 8:30am/ Boarding at 8:00am. Any questions contact Denise Turner or Gwen Valsamaki. (SEE FLYER)
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS/VIDEOS for Church Service, ETC, must be submitted by Tuesday, 8:30pm in order for it to be included on the upcoming Sabbath. No Exceptions. Thank You.
  • Keep our sick members and friends, and those who have lost loved ones in prayer. Those we have so far are:
  • ~Unell Dawson-Health Challenges/Surgery
  • ~Carolyn Davis and Morris Davis - Health Challenges
  • ~Pamela Evans - Health Challenges
  • ~Diane (Annie) Baker - Health Challenges
  • ~Towanda Anderson’s Mother, Sister Miller - Health Challenges
  • ~Kenny Brown Jr. - Health Challenges
  • ~William Love - Health Challenges
  • ~Raymond and Doretha Bennett - Health Challenges/Family and Friends/Brothers for Health Challenges and Soul Salvation
  • ~Theodore and Norma Sauls - Health Challenges
  • ~Joyce Pearson - Health Challenges
  • ~Jane Cox - Health Challenges
  • ~Denise Smith - Health Challenges
  • ~Joyce Brown - Health Challenges
  • ~Michelle Davis – Health Challenges
  • ~Timothy Golder - Health Challenges
  • ~Gwendolyn Whiting and her sister, Eleanor – Health Challenges
  • ~Arlene Campbell - Health Challenges
  • ~Gwendolyn Witherspoon - Health Challenges
  • ~Polly Baker in Prayer and Her sister, Flora-Health Challenges
  • ~Saundra Washington daughters, nephew
  • ~Janice Mayfield’s nephew, Michael Johnson Jr.- Health Challenges
  • ~Anita Daniels – Health Challenges
  • ~Elise Brown and Family – Health Challenges
  • ~Sharon McCullough’s Husband – Health Challenges
  • ~Lester Black – Health Challenges
  • ~Charlotte Adams – Health Challenges
  • ~Cheryl Goddard – Health Challenges
  • ~Elder Cynthia Privette – Health Challenges
  • ~Marsha Hitch-Health Challenges
  • ~George Muldrow – Critically Ill
  • ~Barbara Jones and Raymond Bennet’s Sisters-Sheila Lee and Jean Bennet – Health Challenges
  • ~Amber Stackhouse-Special Prayer for her and her family, and especially her mother, Betsy Bracey.
  • ~Armada Grant-Family for special prayer on behalf of her daughter Kim, Grandson, and her son, Jason.
~Thelma Phillips – Special Prayer
  • ~Chelsea Nance
  • ~Jasmine Davis and Jerrell Davis
  • ~Gwendolyn Valsamaki Friends-Christopher Colkey-Health Challenges/Christly Colkey-Housing and Health Challenges
  • ~Tavonia Stackhouse-Special Prayer for her family.
  • ~Those who have lost loved ones.
  • ~All New Baptized Members
  • Continue to pray for those on the front lines or first responders during this coronavirus pandemic.
  • War between Russia and Ukraine
  • War between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian Militant Group
  • Family Members that lost their lives in Baltimore on the Francis Scott Key Bridge
  • Pray for all the schools, and especially BJA and Hillside that are in our Ministerium. Thanks for your prayers and financial support to the students and all you do for the schools.
  • Sad Note: Please keep Janice Mayfield and Family (Audrey Mayfield, Robin Jones, Nicole Ross, Michelle Ross, Caleb Mangrover) in prayer in the loss of her husband, David Mayfield Sr, who passed away this week. More Info Forthcoming.
  • Remember to do your corporate prayer each day at 12:00 noon and another prayer 3 times a day for healing from this coronavirus pandemic.
  • Don’t forget to use the Allegheny East Conference Website ( to receive information from the conference.
  • Continue to be faithful each week in our giving of tithes (Conference Funds) and Offering (local church funds) which is the combined budget. Then if you want to give extra, remember Debt Relief, Sabbath School, Prayer Meeting, Church Sign, Six Air Conditioners, Church Boiler, and Thank Offering, etc.
  • Ways to give in this church: Adventist Online Giving, Berea Temple CashApp($BereaTemple), Mail In.